Kaier Tan Photography

FAQ | Weddings

What are your charges?

$290/hour, no packages.

A soft-copy of all final, fully-edited images which are delivered in JPG format via a password-protected online gallery. You can download the images in full-res (for printing) or web-res (for social media). Photos will be up on the gallery for eight weeks. 

What do I get?

The average is 40 images per hour, so for a full ten-hours of coverage you can expect at least 400 images.

How many photos should I expect?

Four to six weeks, and I'll send you sneaks along the way. 

How long does it take before I see the photos? 

Same-day edit: $435
Split-day surcharge: $580
Early-bird surcharge (start before 7am): $145
Additional hour: $290/hour

What about additionals?

No, but if you're looking for a local printer to make large prints I can recommend one to you. He's very good - I've sent many clients to him and they all come back with a positive response. 

Do you provide any photo books?

What's your shooting style?

Note: This is important for you to read so that we're on the same page.

Candid, non-posed, capture-the-emotion-as-it-happens-the-first-time. I don't do aspirational photography. The only time I will get you to look at the camera and smile is during the portrait shots. For the rest of the time, I'll be capturing you as your day unfolds - you won't even know I'm there... much. 

Yes, I'm a one-woman show. 

I'd also prefer if you didn't have a videographer - the presence of one (or two, or three...) dispels the "unobtrusiveness" of my photography and can seriously inhibit my movements, angles and how I shoot. But I understand that nowadays getting videography is standard practice for weddings in Singapore so if you do want a videographer, I can recommend a few that I'd be happy to work with.

Do you work alone?



Do we have to feed you when you're shooting our wedding?

Yes please, that would be nice. A sandwich will do. I would also like a 20-minute break at the start of your meal (because it would be good to have some downtime to recharge, and also because nobody looks good with food in their mouth). 

What is this? Of course dogs la... Especially corgis and huskies!

Cats or dogs?