Kaier Tan Photography

FAQ | Life Session

What are your charges?

$750 for 90 minutes. No packages. 

What do I get?

A soft-copy of all final, fully-edited images which are delivered in JPG format via a password-protected online gallery. You can download the images in full-res (for printing) or web-res (for social media). Photos will be up on the gallery for eight weeks. 

How many photos should I expect?

For an hour-long session, you can expect at least 40 images (though I more or less always deliver a significantly higher number than that). Please note that there is no cap on the number of final images upon delivery - generally you'd get around 20-30 images from most photographers and you'll have to pay for each additional image, but I don’t do that because I feel you should get all the moments from our time spent together.

Do you provide any photo books?

No, but if you're looking for a local printer to make large prints I can recommend one to you. He's very good - I've sent many clients to him and they've all come back with a positive response. Or if you want to make a photo book, there a few online (overseas) printers who are very decent. Let me know and I'll shoot you the links.  

Alas, I do not. I'll be shooting at your home - your kids (and you) will be much more comfortable and relaxed there. 

Do you do studio sessions?

Of course. Let me know if you prefer to do an outdoor session and we can discuss the options for a shoot location (or two). However, a messy home isn't exactly the worst thing either - I’m a big believer in expressions and moments, and am less about the setting - so as long as your home doesn't look like it's from an episode of Hoarders, we can still shoot at home!

Our home is really messy and we don't want to have our session there. Can we do it outdoors?

I work predominantly with natural light. My style is very hands-off and documentary - I don't get you to pose or look at the camera, except during portrait shots - I give minimal direction but will guide you along, it’s more about you interacting with each other than about me having you look at the camera, letting moments happen as opposed to creating moments. I don't do aspirational photography.

What's your shooting style?

I'm going to get your kids to warm up to me! They are, after all, the VILPs (very important little people) of the session. I might ask them some questions about themselves and get them to pretend that the floor is lava or jump on the bed. Maybe even do one or two things that they're usually not allowed to, just for our session. I'll also ask you to interact with your kids, to play with them, tickle them, throw them in the air - it's all about you spending time with them and being present together. I'll also look around your house for one or two spots with good light, probably position and direct you - just a little bit. I usually leave the portraits at the end, because that's when your kids are more or less spent and they're much happier to pose for a family portrait.

What can I expect in our session?

It's ok, kids are kids and that's what they do - that's why I love photographing them because they don't pretend to be anyone but themselves. The point is to photograph a snippet of your reality - so if your twin seven-year-olds are fighting and the newborn just pooped on your husband, bring it on.

My two-year-old is having a meltdown, my eldest is sulking and the middle one isn't cooperating. Help!

Of course! I love it when grandparents join in the session, they can be so good with your kids!

Can my parents/-in-laws join the session?

Clothing that reflects who you are, is comfortable and does not restrict your movements, and has the same "code" (e.g. casual).

Colour-wise, pastels, whites or greys but no black.. If you prefer dark colours, navy, maroon, forest green are a safe bet. Linen and chambray are also great. Prints are fine,
as long as they are microprints. No logos, thick stripes, plaid, or clashing colours. In essence, don't wear anything that will trigger an epileptic fit - the colours should complement the photo, not distract from it. Also, no matchy-matchy outfits please.

For your kids, I'd like them to be their authentic selves, so if you're willing, let them pick their own outfits!

If you're still unsure of what to wear, have a look at my family gallery for ideas.

What do we wear?